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Flexi Tile Perfection Floor Tile | Flexible Interlocking PVC Tiles

Coin, Diamond Tread, HomeStyle, Smooth Patterns


PVC TilePVC Tiles by Perfection Floor Tile Flexi-Tile Commercial and Domestic Tile is a flexible Luxury Vinyl Tiles made from carcinogen free virgin pvc, and resistant to most chemicals.  It offers a long lasting guarantee for your professional flooring. 


Flexi-tile is a tough and flexible interlocking floor tile which has been developed to provide an “instant” self laying floor surface, for use in a wide variety of residential and industrial applications.  The original “jigsaw” profile is used on all four sides of the tiles and can be “locked” firmly together in a matter of seconds using only a rubber mallet.  A complete floor can be laid, or lifted in a short time, without any need for expert labor or adhesives, thereby giving you significant savings in the total costs of a finished floor area. 


Flexi-Tile is suitable for garages, basements, gyms, kid's rooms, workshops, laundry rooms, etc.  Commercial applications include showrooms, factories, retail locations and more.  A great feature about this product is that it is loose laid, and can be moved to another location easily. Flexi-Tile is easy to maintain because it resists staining and is unaffected by household chemicals.  Please note: Animal urine and feces will cause tile to discolor. Acids in some food products like tomato paste may cause white tile to discolor.  Flexi-Tile fights fatigue by absorbing shock and deadens noise by absorbing vibration. 

To read comparisons of our tile to epoxy paint, please click here.



Flexi Tile Patterns
Perfection Floor Tile Coin Pattern
Coin Pattern
20.5" x 20.5" x 4.5MM
Flexi Tile Diamond Pattern
Diamond Pattern
20.5" x 20.5" x 4.5mm
HomeStyle Slate
20" x 20" x 5mm
Flexi Tile Leather Black
Leather Pattern
20" x 20" x 5mm
Smooth Textured Tile, 5mm or 7mm
Textured Smooth
20.5" x 20.5" x 5 or 7MM
Perfection Floor Tile Natural Stone
Natural Stone
20" x 20" x 5MM
Custom Printed Floor Tiles
Custom Printed Tiles
Logo's, Images or Color


Recycled materials

As part of the manufacturing operation the company uses a plastic extrusion process.

Color Notice:  Colors can vary in shade from web site image, and also from sample material.  Production batch color shades can vary from different production runs.  If adding to an existing project please call and speak to us about color matching options.

Click here for instructions in PDF




You do not need to do any special preparation to sub floor prior to installation for normal installation conditions. Simply clean, or sweep the area.  No patch work is required to the sub floor, except in some extreme conditions.  If you have a large crack in the foundation you may choose to repair it, but it is not necessary.  If you do have large cracks, or an uneven surface, you may notice an indentation in the tile over an area of sub floor that has integrity issues.  It should not cause damage to the tile, but if the seam falls on a large crack where there is traffic then the seams may come apart.  These tiles can be laid over concrete, low pile commercial carpet, paint, epoxy, tile, wood, and many other types of subfloors without requiring the removal of the old subfloor.  This tile does not work well on top of plush carpet.


To insure easy installation, remove the tiles from the cartons and spread them out on the floor where they can acclimate to room temperature.

  • Under normal conditions glue is not recommended and the tiles should be loose laid.  If your application calls for some adhesive to be used, any non-hardening flexible adhesive may be used.

No special preparation to the sub floor, simply loose lay your tiles and press locking keys together.  Tiles are easy to trim with a sharp knife, or blade. 


Install the tiles all the way to the wall leaving a 1/4" gap for expansion/contraction, and trim excess, or leave some space for the optional finishing edges .

Flexi Tile Slip on Edge

OPTIONAL EDGING:  The New Flexi Tile Edge slips over the locking tabs, or edge of tile.  This edge works with all Flexi-Tile styles, Coin, Diamond and HomeStyle.  No adhesive is required, but if installing in a high traffic commercial area you may want to use adhesive. 


Colors:  Black, Dark Grey





  • In rare instances some rubber products may stain the tile's surface.  Test by placing a single tile under rubber tires, chair bottoms, ect - leave for 48 hours prior to installation.  If concerned about staining you may consider using one of the sealer products listed below.

  • Check all cartons to ensure they are same batch code.  Color variations may occur between batches.

  • Most chemicals will not stain.  Pet urine can cause liter tile colors to yellow.  Remove chemical spills as soon as possible.  Petroleum product may cause tile to deteriorate if left unattended.  Recommend using sealer for animal applications.

  • Any non-slip vinyl wax or sealer will add to the ease of cleaning.

  • Flexi-Tile’s impervious surface means that it is quick and easy to clean. Damp mopping or hand scrub is ideal.

  • Seal with our 365 Sealant for a long lasting seal, and shine.

Recommended for Use on Flexi Tile:

Print Recommended Cleaner or Adhesive Sheet


If unsure what products are safe to use on Flexi-Tile, please contact the manufacturer for recommendations.  In addition, we advise you test a new cleaner, sealer, or adhesive on the tile by applying a small section and seeing how the product reacts. 


Cleaner: Pledge Multi Surface Floor Cleaner.  Follow directions on bottle.  If applying Armstrong Shine Keeper, rinse floor with warm clean water and let completely dry before applying sealer


Cleaner:  For stains, or deep clean recommended Purple Power Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser.  Spray on surface, let set for several minutes but do not let it dry on surface.  Wipe clean with cloth.  After rinse with clear water.  *Use plenty of clean rags, don't use dirty rags.


Clear Sealer: recommended in high traffic or commercial installs.  Use Armstrong Shine Keeper for no wax vinyl and linoleum.  Follow directions on bottle.  After floor is clean or on new install apply one light coat for gloss and protective seal.


Optional Adhesive:  recommended in commercial applications with heavy equipment traffic and uneven floor surfaces.  Para bond - Solvent Free Acrylic Wall Base Adhesive.  Apply adhesive with a 1/16 inch notch trowel.  Knock down the adhesive with the smooth side of the trowel picking or spreading any access.  Let stand for 15-20 minutes before applying tile.


Optional Adhesive:  Henry 430 - Premium Commercial Tile VCT Adhesive.  Apply adhesive using thinnest trowel available.  Wait 30-90 minutes until adhesive is dry to touch (tacky but no transfer to fingers), install tile.  Do not wet tile for 5 days after install with Henry 430.





Click here for technical sheet in PDF



  • Flexi-Tile PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles Commercial and Domestic Technical Specifications

  • Flexi-Tile Commercial / Domestic tiles are made from polymer thermoplastics and are therefore resistant to most chemicals. We offer a long lasting guarantee for your professional flooring.

  • The tiles have excellent thermal and sound reducing qualities.

  • Flexi-Tiles contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)

  • Anti-Static tiles are available in all colors.

  • Black Flexi-Tiles are the most fade resistant.  For more extreme cases of direct sunlight, higher concentrations of UV Stabilizer can be added through special order.

  • Please note: Animal urine and feces can cause the tile to discolor.  Sealer recommended with animals.

  • Acids in some food products like tomato paste may cause white tile to discolor.


BS EN 649:1997 - Resilient Floor Coverings

Specification for homogeneous and geterogeneous Polyvinyl Chloride floorcoverings

* DIN 51130 - Slip Assessment of a vinyl floor covering

* BS 7976-2 - Pendulum Slip Assessment

* EN 13893 - Slipperiness

* EN ISO 9239-1 Reaction to fire

* EN ISO 11925-2 Ignitability - Flame Impingement

* EN13501-1 Reaction to Fire - Euroclassification

* EN14184 Assessment of formaldehyde content of an interlocking floor tile

* EN 12267: ISO 8302 Thermal Resistance

* EN 1081 Determination of Electrical Resistance

* EN 1815 Assessment of static electricity propensity


Flooring has static control

107Ω to dissipative side/ <  107Ω conductive side


Technical Specification
Tile Dimension
Standard Units of Measurement Flexi-Tile
20.5" x 20.5"
20.5" x 20.5"
20" x 20"
20.5" x 20.5"
20.5" x 20.5"
  mm 4.5
PVC SGI 1.37
Hardness IS0868 Shore A 80 80 80 80 92
Abrasion DIN50504 Nmm 15 15 15 15 17
Wear Resistance DIN53516 mm 87.9 87.9 87.9 87.9 90.6
Moisture Absorption ASTM D-0471   Less than 3% by weight (72H@70F)
Specific Gravity ASTM D-792   1.37 (+/- 0.02) 1.37 (+/- 0.02) 1.37 (+/- 0.02) 1.37 (+/- 0.02) 1.37 (+/- 0.02)
Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 psi 2700 2700 2700 2700 2700
100% Modulus ASTM D-412 psi 2700 2700 2700 2700 2700
Dielectric Strength ASTM D-149-97A KV Exceeds 45 Exceeds 45 Exceeds 45 Exceeds 45 Exceeds 45
Flame Spread DIN51960   Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1
Fire Resistance ANSI/ASTM
1995 Crictical
Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1 Class 1
DIN 53582 Ohms 1X10 14 1X10 14 1X10 14 1X10 14 1X10 14
Anti-Slip ASTMC
Co-efficient of Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
NF EN404 % .040 .040 .040 .040 .040
Chemical Resistance DIN 51958           Good
Hydrochloric Acid * 96% Ethanol * 100% Acetic Acid * 100% Nitric Acid * 69 % Sulfuric Acid * 98% Chomic Acid
40% Tolune, Trichloroethylene, Acetone, Engine Oils, Gasoline, Urine
ND EN 433 Inch          
* Under Load     1.40 1.30 1.40 1.40 1.57
* Load Removal     .20 .17 .20 .20 .50
Anti-Static* Special 1x108 Anti-Static Tiles          
UV Stability**     Good Good Good Good Good
Sound Absorption db Up to 48 db Up to 40db Up to 40db Up to 40db Up to 40db Up to 40db
BS4745   Good Good Good Good Good
BS4745   Good Good Good Good Good
* Anti-static tiles available in dark grey only (minimum order 650 sq feet)
* UV Stability can be added to prevent fading on tiles to be installed in direct sunlight (min order 650 sq feet)

Center Tiles are 20" x 20"

take your width in feet multiplied x 12" and divide by 20" = A

take your length in feet multiplied x 12" and divide by 20" = B

A X B = quantity of tiles needed


Quick estimate for 20" x 20" tiles:

Total sq feet divide by 2.77777 = quantity of tiles needed



Free Shipping

Free Ground shipping within 48 continuous United States

A recipient may incur additional delivery fees if:

º A delivery is refused

º If a lift gate is requested

º Address change

º Or any other cause which results in additional handling cost from the freight carrier


Commercial delivery address:  If you have a commercial business address, and is recognized as a commercial address by freight carriers, then there should be no additional delivery fees charged.


Residential delivery address

Home Style 1 to 83 tile will ship UPS Ground

Home Style  84+ tile will ship LTL Freight Truck


Coin or Diamond 1 to 111 tile will ship UPS Ground

112+ tile will ship LTL Freight Truck


Lead Time:  Note:  Most orders ship within 3-5 days, some longer lead times may be incurred if the manufacturer plant has to produce the tiles.  Longer lead times should not exceed 10-14 Days. 

We value your business and will process each order as quickly and efficiently as we can.


Commonly Asked Questions:


Question:  Flexi Tile seems expensive, how is it better than painting my floor with Epoxy Paint?

Answer:  Flexi Tile comes with many added qualities that paint does not; such as a 25 year warranty, and if you manage to damage one tile you can replace it, if you move, the tiles are an asset you can take them with you.  To read more about the dangers of Epoxy please click here.


QuestionCan I order single tiles or do I have to purchase in case quantities?

Answer:  We no longer sell single tiles, the manufacturer has changed their policy, and we must sell in cases.  However, if you are looking to purchase a large quantity, or need samples to show a client please fill out our free sample request or call us and we can make arrangements to mail you a full sample. 

QuestionAre the Coin tiles 20.5" x 20.5" from edge to edge, or is that only the surface measurement?

Answer:  The tiles measure a full 20.5" x 20.5" on the surface with finished pattern.


Question:  Are the tiles easy to trim

Answer:  Yes, you need a sharp knife, or blade to trim the pieces.  For more install instructions visit our page: Product Info.


QuestionDo I need edges?

Answer:  The old edges have been discontinued - if you need more of the old edges we can see if there are any left in stock, but once they are sold out we won't be getting any of the old 3" x 20" edges in - we have switched over to the new slip on edges by the foot. 


Question:  Do I need adhesive for the new edges?

Answer:  The edges are optional.  The new edges are sold by the foot and slip over the edge of the tile wherever needed.  You do not need adhesive, but if installing in a heavy traffic commercial application you may want to consider running a little glue in the edge channel to permanently adhere it to the tile.


Question:  With the new edge how do you create an inside corner?

Answer:  Inside and outside corners can be made by simply overlapping the edge strips and cutting through both layers at a 45 degree angle.  An instruction sheet comes with your edge order.


Question:  Can I install over an old floor, or uneven surface?

Answer:  Yes you can install over old flooring.  There is no special preparation to the sub floor except to sweep and clear debris that you don't want to remain under the Flexi-Tile.  You can also install over a low commercial carpet without having to rip up the old carpet first.


For an uneven surface, the Flexi-Tile is pliable enough it should bend with an uneven surface.  You may want to purchase a small quantity of tiles to lay over the surface to be sure it will work in your situation.


QuestionIs shipping free for any quantity?

Answer:  Yes, shipping is included in our prices for any order within the continuous 48 states, so you will not be charged for freight.  However, there are some exceptions as we do not cover additional optional delivery request, such as customer requesting a lift gate, wrong address given, customer requesting inside delivery.  See additional delivery fees that may apply.

Question:  Do you ship overseas?
Answer:  It's extremely expensive to ship our tiles, but we will ship overseas.  Contact us for a shipping quote to determine if you want to proceed with an order.

Question:  Can I return the flooring if I don't like it?
Answer:  Yes, but you will incur original outbound shipping cost, plus it will be customers responsibility to ship it back.  We offer free samples and literature to help you make the best decision.

Question:  Can this product be installed outdoors?
Answer:  The tile can be installed outdoors, it's great for sun rooms, patios, ect - however exposure to direct sun light will fade the tile, and extreme temperature difference can cause the material to expand and contract.

GSA Schedule
Contract #GS-03F-0023X
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Flexi Tile Coin Garage
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Flexi Tile Diamond Gym
Gym Flooring, Diamond

HomeStyle Pattern
HomeStyle Pattern 

Commercial Tile, 5mm or 7mm
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